Don’t think we fear you -Bobi Wine says after Security foil launch of NUP Headquarters


The much-anticipated launch of National Unity Platform (NUP) head offices in Kampala which was supposed to take place today, has been deferred after security blocked the function citing president Yoweri Museveni’s visit to the area.

However, the NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi said the postponement was not decided out of fear but for safety and convenience of the invited guests. The opposition party had organized a launch of the party’s new National Headquarters at Kavule Makerere today November 2, 2023.

Earlier, security mainly military police, Uganda Police and UPDF deployed heavily around NUP Headquarters in Kavule Makerere, in Kawempe Division. Kyagulanyi says all the party employees were ordered to immediately leave the venue.

“This is to inform all of you here and our members that we will launch our offices tomorrow. We reached this decision in interest of the comfort, safety and convenience of our guests.” Kyagulanyi said at a press conference in Kampala. He said the postponement is not because of fear to confront security but they “want a smooth activity” and not involving their guests into chaos.

Security claim that lack of adequate manpower to offer security to the event but also President Yoweri Museveni was scheduled to be in the area on the same day.

“Anyway, they blocked our event today claiming that Gen. Museveni is in the place. Well, Museveni is not going be in the area tomorrow. So, together with fellow leaders not to give them an opportunity to fight with them and we’ve decided to launch our new offices tomorrow” Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine said

“Of course it is laughable that the regime, with blatant impunity, can block an internal party activity; we are a legally registered political party and it is none of their business” He fumed.

A similar claim was communicated to the NUP leadership through a letter in which the area Deputy Resident City Commissioner warned that security may not allow the event to continue for purposes of securing the area for VIPs.

Of late, government authorities have maintained a no-way policy for the opposition events in the Capital City Metropolitan area, and the most recent is the blockage of Kyagulanyi’s nationwide tours, which were disallowed in areas around Kampala.

The party leadership indicated that high-level dignitaries have been invited to attend the launch but their identities remain a secret. Sources within the party however intimated that several ambassadors and other political party leaders will grace the event.



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