Bobi Wine’s tribal comments irks big shots in MK movement


Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi’s tribal speech during his tour of Central districts of Luweero and Nakaseke on Friday is quickly becoming the highlight of his nationwide mobilization tours.

In a provocative and rather inciting rhetoric, Bobi Wine threw several barbs at personalities within the leadership of Uganda, accusing them of stealing land in Buganda on top of public resources, but also urged all his tribesmen -the Baganda to rise and evict the “ungrateful visitors” back to where they came from.

“I want to speak to all Baganda… it is on record that the Baganda are known for bravery and unmatched courage but also kindness. Sadly, the people we have shown kindness have abused it taking it for a weakness. I ask you; this must stop. Today I urge you to get angry because the only person who doesn’t get angry is?????”… His audience replied “a fool”. Bobi urged the Baganda “to take leadership in ejecting Museveni and his people from power, the same way the Baganda took lead in bringing them into power” such that he and tribesmen can freely live in their land.

In another clip extracted from Kyagulanyi’s speech, the musician opposition leader attacked president Museveni and his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba for lavishly spending public funds citing billions spent organizing birthday parties year in, year out. Coincidentally, President Museveni on Saturday was in Kololo at an event organized to celebrate his 79th birthday.

“They are only enjoying our taxes yet they came with nothing; and today Museveni has spent billions organizing a birthday. If it’s not Museveni celebrating a birthday, it is his st***d son” Bobi who was flanked by the leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga and other NUP leaders said adding that they (Baganda) should resist Museveni’s plan to turn Uganda into a monarchy.

The stinging statements which dominated Bobi’s speeches made in his party’s stronghold, pushed most political actors off balance especially within the ruling government but specifically supporters of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who is widely perceived as the potential successor of the Museveni rule.

“If I may ask; who bewitched us we the Baganda? If it is true someone bewitched us, today his witchcraft is going to evaporate. Bobi Wine remarked attracting thunderous applauses.

But supporters from rival camps were not amused by these comments and here are some of them:

“Bobi Wine said President Museveni has stolen land from Baganda, let him tell us who took part of his Busabala Land? was it President Museveni? Hon. David Kabanda -Deputy spokesperson MK movement reacted adding: “Tugaanye ffe abe Buwekula. We say NO to Politics of tribalism and sectarianism.”

Balaam Barugahara -the national vice chairman reacted with a post: “My brother Hon @HEBobiwine don’t abuse our Chairman again. Let Ugandans decide in 2026. Tribalistic tendency and bad language ( Politics of identity) will take you no where. We love our Chairman @mkainerugaba we shall revenge on the voting day wait for the MK gusts /hurricane. Todamu Kuvuma mukulembenze waffe Omulungi Mukwano gwa Uganda Gen Mk.

“Ugandans are brothers and sisters, and identify as one. It is the reason they strongly rebuke sectarianism and politics of identity. No leader worth his name can stand to promote it. We must front Uganda above our identities. God bless Uganda.” He added.

“This language is abusive, derogatory and inciting. As a foot soldier of MK Movement, I request our security agencies to stop this spread of hatred, anger, and blackmail against our President @KagutaMuseveni and Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba @mkainerugaba. We can’t sit and watch kabobi
@HEBobiwine ridicule our leaders in such a manner. As National Cordinator MK ARMY, I am not happy with this tone” Hon Donald K. Businge @DonaldBusinge

“Someone should advise this amateur that the tribal cards he’s playing are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. Uganda is way beyond that politics of Komanyoko (In @norbertmao’s voice). Someone should remind him too that no one brought M7. This is a discussion for another day.” Mbaho Joshua @MbahoJoshua Musevenist/Supporter ofGen.@mkainerugaba MK Revolution.

have been reluctant, and I am sorry to share this piece of hate speech from trickster

RDC for Masaka Hudu Hussein posted: “Sebbo, you can not get to high places when you despise and abuse those that are above you.
And, you can never succeed in your genocidal and fascist plans to disrupt Buganda.”

Charles Rwomushana a former spy in Museveni’s government posted on his status; “It’s not proper to attack children because of their parents’ politics. This guy has reached a dead end”



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