Do we have Cameras or Dummies? LOP Mpuuga challenges police on unending murders


The Leader of opposition in parliament Mathias Mpuuga has challenged authorities in security to prove if the CCTV camera system which was installed to facilate efforts to curb criminality is operational amid rising cases of crime.

Mpuuga raised the matter as parliament paid tribute to the fallen Col Charles Okello Engola this afternoon, when the matter of unsolved murders arose steming from a recent murder incident involving a one Isma Olaxes who was shot dead by unknown gunmen last week on Saturday.

The LOP reminded Parliament of President Yoweri Museveni’s directive to install security cameras across the country, and the fingerprinting of all legal guns in the country which was followed with a supplementary budget allocation of more than Shs 376 billion but unfortunately, the killings have not stopped nor have the cameras been effective in detecting the criminals.

Mpuuga says this explains why the state has not succeeded in prosecuting any of the cases in court because the initiatives like installation of CCTV cameras have not delivered as expected.

“Strangely, even cases that have happened under the cameras like the one of February 2020 when a police truck deliberately knocked dead Ritah Nabukenya, were not captured. Are these real cameras or dummies?!” Mpuuga asked.

“Whose guns kill ugandans and who is killing Ugandans?” He added.

Mpuuga’s concern comes at a time after Uganda Police presented to parliament a request for another Shs 187 billion to buy more CCTV cameras and repairing those already installed across the country.

He said Parliament should therefore not approve the Police’s request for another Shs 187 billion to buy more of the malfunctioning cameras.



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