Bunyoro opposition MPs compel government to name airport after Omukama Kabalega


The news of re-naming the new airport under construction in Bunyoro regioni Kabalega International Airport came recently after a cabinet meeting at State house.

This follows a motion that was recently moved in parliament by the Hoima City Woman MP Hon Nyakato Asinansi urging govenment to rename Kabaale International Airport after Omukama Kabalega. The motion was seconded by fellow opposition MP Hon Businge Joab of Masindi Municipality as well as Hon Isingoma Patrick Mwesigwa.

After moving the motion, Hon Asinansi also wrote to Prime Minister Rt. Hon Robinah Nabbanja asking government to name the airport after Kabalega as well as gazeting a public holiday in memory of King Kabalega. The MPs led by Hon Nyakato Asinansi had a meeting with the Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja who promised to engage the Executive over the matter until early this week when the Cabinet resolved to have this airport named Kabalega International Airport.

In an interview with this website, Hon Nyakato Asinansi said this motion was meant to put the glory of Bunyoro on map as well as promoting tourism in the region.

Our reporter has also learnt that following this motion the leaders of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom have woken up & organized a function to commemorate 100 years since the Omukama died.

One of the Bunyoro Kingdom officials was quoted saying, if it wasn’t Hon Nyakato’s motion the day wouldnt have been commemorated, “Nyakato has woken us up, this is a great day but no body was remembering it, until she raised the issue, and now every body is talking about it”, he was quoted on condition of anomity.

Kabalega is the most powerful King in the history of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom who fought colonialists until he was forced into exile in Sycheles Islands and upon his return he died at a place called Mpumude in Jinja on April 7th 1923 and this week marks 100 years since he died.




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