Police slaps charges against events organiser Abtex in Freedom City Mall stampede case


Events organiser Abbey Musinguzi a.k.a Abtex has been charged in a case of rush and neglect following a stampede in which 09 people died during an entertainment event at Freedom City Mall last night.

It is alleged that on 31st December 2022, there was end-of-year celebrations at Freedom city Mall Namasuba where the organisers headed by Abtex organised an event and very many people entered than the number they were supposed to host there.

It is further alleged that when it clocked midnight, time for fire works, there was one long entrance corridor where very many People got stuck, as they were entering in large numbers to see fire works.in doing so, many people suffocated to death.

Police officers from Katwe Division responded to the incident headed by DPC Katwe SP Kamugira and his team, victims were rushed to Mulago hospitals, others healed and others died before reaching hospital.

So far, 09 people are confirmed dead while 40 sustained injuries in the midnight stamped which police attributed to excessive force at the entrance. The rest of the victims are yet to be identified.

After police investigators visited the scene, a case of Rush and Neglect was opened against Abby Musinguzi.

Police has also identified 7 of the dead as; Viola (female juvinile), Nazara (female adult), kizito Ibrahim (Male 11 yrs old), Daniella kibuuka (female 14 years), Cynthia (female aged 6), Shafiq muwonge (Male aged 10 years), Nakatumba Margret (Female aged 29). The rest are yet to be identified.

According to the latest incident report, a case of Rush and Neglect was opened against Abtex at Katwe Police Station under Reference number SDR.06/01/01/2023.

Police also stated that Abtex recorded a statement under supervision by ASP AYEISGA Lawrence M, a police officer attached to Katwe police station.



  1. another useless case loading. this will never fly. how about child neglect by the parents or admitting under age persons in an adult rated function


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