Medical doctors in Uganda urged to emulate Fr. Ambrosoli by offering free medical treatment to communities

Fr.-Giuseppe-Ambrossoli-a-medical-doctor-a-philanthropist-and-missionary-carrying-a-toddler during his days of service; Courtesy Photo

By Mary Asujo

Medical doctors in Uganda have been urged to emulate the example of Fr. Giuseppe Ambrosoli of the Comboni Missionaries who offered free medical treatment to communities.

The call was made by the State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry Oryem on Wednesday as Parliament passed the motion paying tribute to the Venerable Guiseppe Ambrossoli, on the occasion of his beatification.

While speaking to journalists after eulogizing Fr. Ambrosoli, Oryem added that the Fr helped several people through humanitarian ways among others.

His call comes after some doctors in Uganda have been criticized for prioriting money against saving live and this has led to loss of several lives.

“Am grateful to him for saving my life. He also saved lives of many people far and wide, “said Oryem.

3rd Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Nakadama Rukia, who spoke to the motion, said Fr. Ambrosoli was professional, kind, patient and a true man of God. He was a Dr of Charity and his legacy will continue to be a guiding light to other servants of God.

Nakadama then moved a motion for a resolution of Parliament to pay tribute to the venerable Guiseppe Ambrossoli, a professed member of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus, medical doctor, philanthropist and educator on the Auspicious occasion of his beatification.

The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga moved and seconded motion respectively saying that ; the poor being chased off their land, the poor being denied medical services, Persecution of citizens because of political differences and Sowing seeds of division through ethnicity and other social vices.

Several MPs also elogised the Fr. MP Laroo-pece Division, Hon. Onen Charles (Laroo-Pece Div) also moved a motion under Rule 61 for an amendment to the motion to raise Kalongo hospital to a medical university where research on tropical diseases can be done and treated.

Ayivu Division East MP, Hon. Geofrey Feta said that the Catholic Church has done enormous acts of service in this country. Because of limited government resources to do everything, the Catholic Church has been able to help in the Health and education sectors.

Kitgum District Woman MP, Dr. Hon. Lillian Aber said the theme for the beatification is “God’s servant to the suffering people” and it’s only fit that this theme is thought through by every leader in this country. We ought to be servants of the people. “We have been informed that people would come from as far as India, Nairobi and Sudan to get treatment here. Ironically, as we speak now, we are leaving to go to India and Nairobi for treatment. What an irony?!..

Bugiri Municipality MP, Hon. Asuman Basalirwa wondered if we learnt anything from that experience? Because he excelled as an individual in the services he offered. Can we learn from the services of venerable Fr. Ambrossoli.” Basalirwa.

The beatification celebration of Fr. Ambrossoli that will take place in Agago District. Fr. Giuseppe Ambrossoli, a medical doctor, a philanthropist and missionary.

Legislators noted 3 things concerning the work and life of Fr. Ambrossoli; He chose the simple life at the expense of opulence. He Chose to offer a service that is critical & essential to the country to the extent that it attracted people from other countries like India, Nairobi and Sudan.

By the time he died, was under a lot of distress. His last days were not the best as he was arrested and humiliated by the state agents.

Hon. Rukia Nakadama told the House that government pledged 1.3BN towards the celebrations and rehabilitation of Kalongo Hospital and it’s been fulfilled. She added that all the central roads will be rehabilitated and some are being worked on.



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