NDA warns public against Cancer-causing Chinese contraceptive pill on Ugandan market


The National Drug Authority has issued a serious warning to members of the public about a Cancer-causing Chinese contraceptive pill currently on the Ugandan market.

According to NDA, the unauthorized Chinese pill being sold on black market and used as a contraceptive but causes infertility in women alongside cancer.

The pill with its packaging, labeling and patient information leaflet all in Chinese language, except for the claimed ingredients Levonorgestrol and

“The pill was found to contain high doses of the hormones above the recommended dosage and the risks associated with the use of this product include among others prolonged bleeding, irregular menstrual periods, palpitations, possibility of developing blood clots, heart diseases, abnormally thickened endometrium, a predisposing factor for endometrial cancer and infertility,” NDA secretary Dr. David Nahamya said in the public notice.

The National Drugs Authority has in the same way warned members of the public against using the dangerous Chinese contraceptive pill whose safety and quality cannot be guaranteed.

According to NDA, the pill including their manufacture, importation, distribution, and licensing, when consumed, the Chinese pill ensures the hormones stay in the body for a long time and the adverse effects may further manifest in babies born by mothers who use the pill. The effects according to NDA may include secondary sexual characteristics like premature puberty.

In a statement, NDA strongly warns all drug outlets or persons with immediate effect to stop stocking and sale of the Chinese pill. NDA post market surveillance and enforcement units are on full alert to undertake regulatory actions against this illegality.”

“Family planning services should be sought from qualified health professionals. The public is expected to remain vigilant and report any suspected substandard and falsified medical products to NDA.” the statement adds.



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