EALA elections: Winners and Losers


All Six (6) Ruling party National Resistance Movement candidates, two Independents and an opposition candidate sailed to victory in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) elections held today in the national parliament.

The winners in a moderately-contested election are NRM’s Akol Rose, Kakooza James, Musamali Paul, Mugyenyi Mary, Odong George, Namara Denis as well as Amongin Jacqueline (Ind), Kadogo Veronica (Ind), and opposition Democratic Party’s Siranda Gerald.

Out of 478 MPs who cast their vote, Akol Rose got 422 votes, Kakooza James (405), Mary Mugyenyi (367), Musamali (401), Odong 403) Denis Namara (415), Among Jacqueline (338), Veronica Kadogo (383), Gerald Siranda (233).

These werefollowed by UPC’s Ebil Fred (139), Kaija Harlod (99) and 36 for JEEMA’s Katerega Muhamad.

Other independents are; Agaba Gilbert (210); Ategeka Moses (4); Bukyana Julius (8); Bwengye Lauben Muhangi (5) Kapyata Dennis (9); Kiryowa Stella (27); Lolem Josephine (11); Kisembo Ronex Tendo (6); Luyinda Fred (5); Murangira Ambrose (181); Muwonge Mugwanya Daniel (4), Muyinda Allan Stanely (4); Naamara Patience Tumwesigye (35); Nakitende Salaama Adelaide (6); Rwandarugali Phiona (23); Tindyebwa Joseph (22).

11 votes were declared invalid.

The process which was boycotted by the National Unity Platform -the largest opposition party in parliament had attracted 28 candidates with Four opposition political parties feilding candidates to battle for 9 slots for Uganda in the regional assembly.

The second largest opposition party Forum for Democratic Change fronted Harlod Kaija but he was not sucessful alongside JEEMA’s Muhamad Katerega and Uganda People’s Congress’ candidate Fred Ebil.



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