Ugandans want solutions to current challenges not electric cars -NRM MPs to Museveni


By Mary Asujo

A section of NRM MPs have advised President Yoweri Museveni to come up with immediate solutions that speak to the reality of the problems Ugandans are currently facing instead of focusing debate on the need for electric cars.

On Wednesday, President Museveni delivered a nation address and expressed need for Uganda to shift from use of fossil fuels to electric cars as the country joins global powers to contain a looming recession amid climate change concerns world over. The president noted that Uganda needs Shs20billion to develop more affordable electric automotives and railway networks.

During a press conference held in Kampala, the MPs including Lwemiyaga county MP, Theodore Ssekikubo and Buyaga county MP, Barnabas Tinkasiimire told journalists that Ugandans expected to hear solutions to the current economic crisis and not electric cars.

Sekikubo said that many people including him were looking forward to the address because people want to hear about government interventions to issues that affect them instead of electric cars because most of Ugandans can no longer afford three meals.

“When the president begins to talk about electric cars, its confusing as Ugandans are grappling with many challenges. They want to know avenues of how to navigate out of poverty, high fuel prices, famine among others“ Ssekikubo said.

“Several Ugandans are currently struggling to buy food to feed their families because they don’t have money in their pockets, the people of Karamoja are in need of food because the food supplied is not sufficient. These are the issues President Museveni should address” said Sekikubo.

Hon. Tinkasiimire explained that the famine in Karamoja should’nt be a major problem because government is able to alleviate the people through equipping them to engage in agriculture so that they can feed themselves as opposed to giving them food.

The legislators however said they are happy for the new Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Hon. Nobert Mao but warned him that he should not be very optimistic in achieving his mission of restoring truth and justice in Uganda because big names like Hon. Amama Mbabazi, late Eriya Kategaya, etc tried and failed.



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