Shadow gov’t wants eviction of Boda-bodas in Kampala halted: say it is NRM’s ploy to reward Crime preventers

KCCA is currently implementing a policy to reduce the number of boda-boda riders in Kampala Capital City Center; Courtesy Photo

Opposition legislators have expressed objection to government’s plan to evict Boda-boda riders from Kampala Capital City center saying the move is immoral, untimely, unnecessary and may pose serious consequences to government.

Led by the shadow information minister and Mityana Woman MP Joyce Bagala, the MPs today convened a press conference to express objection to the move saying it’s timing is wrong considering the harsh economic situation the country is experiencing, and warned that the move will render many boda-boda operators jobless.

Recently, the State minister in-charge of Kampala, Mr Kyofatogabye Kabuye, and the Rubaga Resident City Commissioner, Mr Anderson Burora issued a directive that will prohibit unregistered boda boda riders from accessing Kampala Metropolitan area. The city managers want to reduce the number of boda-bodas accessing the city center from 400,000 to at least 7000.

The MPs questioned the criteria followed by enforcers of the policy advanced by Kampala Metropolitan Affairs Ministers Hon Minsa Kabanda and Hon Kabuye Kyofatogabye, which they say is unclear and suspect to corruption.

“You cannot chase boda-bodas from the city at a time when everyone is fighting for survival! Where will these people (boda-boda operators) go? or else you want insecurity to go up.” Rubaga North MP and Shadow minister for Kampala, Baker Kawalya remarked.

The legislators also vowed to use all avenues at their disposal to oppose the eviction of Boda-bodas from Kampala, a move they claim is a ploy by the ruling National Resistance Movement to kick out some elements from business and hand the industry to supporters of the regime.

“Which criteria are they using to choose the stages that will remain operating in Kampala?.. We have like 400,000 boda-bodas; where are they going? We have reliable information that the regime is chasing them to create jobs for crime preventers who helped NRM rig elections… We are not going allow that!” Bukomansimbi South MP Hon. Geoffrey Ssolo Kayemba said.

Shadow Minister for Water and Environment Hon. Christine Nakimwero Kaaya said majority of boda-boda operators sold land in villages to chase a better livelihood in Kampala and therefore evicting them without a proper strategy is sending them back to poverty.

“We want to tell you that the order we want is not eviction of boda-bodas but a strategy to sustain businesses including finding a solution to high fuel prices! these people left many women in villages who expect to derive sustenance from them” Nakimwero said.

The legislators also accuse city authorities for enforcing directives without the involvement of elected leaders which they say is irregular.

Led by the Kampala Capital city Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, the KCCA Executive Committee last week filed its petition before the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala against the Attorney General, Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority, and Kampala Resident City Commissioner challenging the move.



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