Gov’t sending 135BN relief to save hunger-stricken communities in Karamoja -Nabbanja

Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja; Photo Courtesy Parliament Press

By Mary Asujo

The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja told parliament that cabinet has considered the concerns of the famine in Karamoja and directed Finance Minister to come up with a budget of UGX.135bn to provide food to communities at the edge of starvation in Karamoja.

This follows an appeal from MPs from Karamoja sub region calling for government’s immediate intervention by providing food to the families affected by hunger.

During the plenary session on Tuesday, Napak woman MP, Faith Nakut raised a matter of National Importance over acute food insecurity in Karamoja Region. She has that thousands of people are in dire need of food and will die if no action is not done.

In her prayers, the MP requested the Prime Minister’s office to find food from wherever and provide it to the people of Karamoja who are starving. She raised concerns regarding the high levels of famine in the Karamoja region saying that thousands of people are in dire need of food and will die if no action is not done.

Yesterday, there were reports in the media that people from Karamoja sub region were dying of starvation. The reports indicated that several lives had been lost due to acute starvation.

In her response, premier Nabbanja said government is dispatching relief food that will last for at least three months including seeds and seedlings so that locals can also plant their own food.

“I want to report that already, over 200 metric tons of food has been sent to the region through the minister in-charge of Karamoja to ensure we secure them from insecurity as you honorable members are aware,” Nabbanja said.

“Like I said last Thursday, we shall do everything within our powers to make sure that we do not lose any lives anymore”

Nakut called on Government to prioritize the matter and not to waste time in meetings because the issues of meetings and procedures should be put aside but rather send food to the starving communities.

The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa who chaired the session directed the Prime Minister Nabbanja to again appear on Thursday this week with a complete schedule highlighting government relief to Karamoja, but to also treat the matter with urgency.



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