UGANDA: Security on alert over Hawkers ‘terrorizing’ villages

Security Minister Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi; Courtesy Photo

Uganda’s ministry of security has criminalized hawking of goods and items in villages across the country saying it has become a source of insecurity.

In the memo issued on January 11 2022, Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi directed Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), Resident City Commissioners (RCCs), District Police Commanders (DPCs) and District Internal Security Officers (DISOs) not to allow the practice of individuals moving in villages selling items as it is now form of criminality.

In the memo reference No NS.66/01/2022, the minister says they (security agencies) had received information about this form of criminality allegedly perpetrated by hawkers moving in villages under the guise of selling merchandize.

Without providing specifics about the incidents registered so far, Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi says these criminals are targeting areas especially in Western region.

“We have received information that there are criminals moving around villages especially in Western region, masquerading to be hawkers/traders” Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi said.

He also directed that those who want to do trade in villages should do so in trading centers not hawking.

This however comes at a time when security is conducting operations in the capital Kampala in a latest crackdown on Street vendors and hawkers.

On Monday, Police and the army combed streets of Kampala arresting those found selling merchandize on streets in what they say is meant to restore trade order in the city.



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