Use Eid Al-Adhuha to pray for protection of our Land -Kabaka tells Muslims

Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom Ronald Muenda Mutebi II; Courtesy Photo

The Kabaka of Buganda His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has urged Muslims to use this year’s Eid al-Adhuha prayers and seek God’s intervention in protection of whatever legally belongs to Ugandans especially land.

The Kabaka’s appeal is part of his congratulatory message to all Muslims in Uganda ahead of Eid al-Adhuha Day, due on Tuesday July 20, 2021. Eid al-Adhuha is one of two Eids, or days of celebration for Muslims worldwide, every year which commemorates the sacrifice made by the prophet Ibrahim and characterized by carrying out animal sacrifices and helping the needy.

In the statement, the Kabaka also urged Muslims to pray for justice and quick execution of court cases as well as freedom for those found innocent. He further implored Muslims to pray for courts to make judgements basing on evidence, truth and the rule of law.

“We appeal that this year’s sacrifice should be intended to pray that Allah continues to defend us, forgive us and block any means and voices that are geared at taking away from us the rights of what belongs to us especially land ownership with an aim to oppress and create enmity against Baganda” Kabaka Muenda Mutebi’s statement written in Luganda reads in part.

Kabaka Mutebi urged Muslims to also pray for members of the 11th parliament to focus on matters that affect the whole country and not those that benefit a section of Ugandans be it a particular religious sect or a political party. He said that would be the foundation for the country’s development and it’s people.

According to the Ministry of Public Service, the day has been gazetted as a public holiday but Muslims implored to desist from mass prayers and celebrations in order to avoid spread of coronavirus.

The Kabaka extended sympathy to people whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but also appreciate government’s efforts to save lives.



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