Here are Kitchen essentials that will make your Cooking enjoyable

    With the right tools in your kitchen, cooking can be easy and fun; Courtesy Photo

    By Mary Asujo

    Cooking is something that many dread but did you know that it can be fun especially if you have the right tools? Truth be told, cooking can be a boring experience for some people But even for the kitchen fans, it at times can turn out to be tedious if they don’t have the right items. With the right tools, cooking can be a lot easier and fun more than you may think.


    When cooking, you may find yourself multitasking. You have a lot of chopping and slicing to do and a good chef’s knife will ease your job much easier than you thought. Initially, the chef’s knife was designed particularly to slice and separate large cuts of beef. Today it’s the primary general-utility knife for modern cooks. If you have been using an ordinary knife to cook, you notice the difference when you switch to a high-quality knife.

    If possible you should also buy a serrated knife to help with chopping onions and tomatoes. A high-quality chef’s knife is one tool that will handle all your cutting needs; slice your meat, chop your vegetables, onions, tomatoes, carrots to mention but a few.

    A good chef’s knife should feel like an extension of your arm. It would be great to buy a stainless-steel knife, because it’s sharper, lasts longer and does not rust. A number of supermarkets sell quality knives and the cost will depend on where you buy it.

    Non-stick frying pan

    Every home needs a non-stick frying pan for making quick eggs and pancakes for breakfast. This will save your saucepans from being occupied as the pan can be used for searing meats or making sauces. Buying a two piece set will let you have two sizes around and makes it possible to cook two things concurrently.

    Sauce pans

    Walking into a poorly arranged kitchen with sauce pans scattered all the place can be a turn off. Ensure that before you begin cooking, your sauce pans are within your reach as it eases boiling stuffs like beans or peas. Having enough sets in the kitchen cabinet will save you time to complete this task with spending more hours because you have planned your menu properly.

    Glass baking dish

    This may not seem a priority but adding it on the kitchen items is not just fun but simplifies cooking. Instead of struggling to bake in a plastic bucket, invest in a baking dish because besides leaving your flour neat and nice. When buying one go for a middle one so that once you have baked, it can be easily inserted into the oven. This will give you an opportunity to use your stove for boiling your vegetables and eat on time too.

    Measuring spoons

    There are people who are good cooks but their salt in the sauce is a big turn off. Having well arranged can of spoons in the cabinet can go along way to make your cooking easier because you are able to measure salt or scoop spices and herbs! While cooking, you don’t need to worry about losing them or misplacing them.


    When you are setting up your kitchen with basics, peelers come in handy. Peeling potatoes, matooke or vegetables can be a lot easier than you thought. You can use it to make vegetables ribbons or shave cheese as well.

    Cutting board

    A good number of people never think they need it and so they are a bit reluctant to purchase it as a necessity. In cases where your cooking is ready, a cutting board can be helpful especially when you want to chop onions and tomatoes. Having a board will protect your fingers from getting hurt by a knife in the process of chopping stuff. Remember it will also help you prepare ingredients and cut vegetables as you are doing something else.

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