Opposition leaders agree on joint effort ahead of Thursday election

Gen Mugisha Muntu, Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Robert Kyagulanyi at Hotel Africana in Kampala; Courtesy Photo

Just a day to elections, opposition party leaders involved in the 2021 presidential election have agreed on a joint effort in order to deny the incumbent president Museveni a straight victory, and guarantee a re-run.

The decision was reached in a closed door meeting the party leaders held on Thursday at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

National Unity Platform (NUP)’s Robert Kyagulanyi, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)’s Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Alliance for National Transformation (ANT)’s Gen Mugisha Muntu and Dr Kiiza Besigye of the People’s Government, all agreed that fielding a joint-candidate may not be possible but working together jointly would deliver a re-run especially if their votes are not stolen.

The opposition leaders however agreed that a re-run would also be possible if votes for individual presidential candidates are well protected, an area they will now shift their effort to. They asked their supporters to turn up in big numbers at polling stations on Thursday to vote and “protect their votes.”

The opposition leaders later held a joint press conference where they condemned what they termed as efforts by the ruling party to intimidate their supporters and voters.

“We are working together and will communicate with our agents to collaborate in vote protection. Thursday is critical. We believe there can be change through an electoral process” ANT’s Mugisha Muntu stated.

Gen Muntu however noted that the opposition victory depends largely on high voter turn up to polls in Thursday’s election.

“The higher the possibility of seeing a peaceful change of power in our country through an electoral process” Gen Muntu said.

Gen Tumukunde of the Renewed Uganda yesterday said he is also convinced that none of the 11 presidential candidates in the race will get the required 50+1 vote to guarantee a straight winner.

“We’re sure no candidate will get 50+1%. Whichever opposition candidate comes out on top, we will rally behind them. If we come out on top, then let them to rally behind us” Gen Tumukunde said. He however did not attend the meeting today.

Dr Besigye congratulated the opposition candidates (Amuriat, Kyagulanyi, Muntu) that have done everything humanly possible to reach all Ugandans in these 60 days. “I think the message has been delivered in it’s full measure” Besigye said.

“From what we have seen during campaigns, Gen Museveni is trying to say one thing, “dare me not”,” FDC’s Amuriat said at the press briefing. Amuriat said victory is possible despite the roadblocks set by the regime in power.

“We would urge the Electoral Commission to be firm and bold, this hasn’t been exhibited yet but, it’s not too late. The law is with them if they stand firm and bold. The country is also with them” Gen Mugisha Muntu said.



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