“Even if Banyankore dominate public service…..” Museveni again trashes tribal talk

Tribal talk is nonsense and a diversion from important issues -President Museveni; Online Photo

President Yoweri Museveni has once again trashed the talk about dominance of Banyankore in government jobs as “nonsense” and said those pushing the issue of tribalism are wasting people’s time and misdirecting Ugandans from important issues.

In messages he posted on social media today, President Museveni said although he has not taken time to study the issue, the jobs and wealth do not come from just being employees in the Public Service. The president further notes that the claim that the Banyankore or the Westerners are monopolizing the 480,000 Public service jobs cannot be true.

Museveni however said, that while he is ready to make some clarifications over the sectarian talk, Ugandans must remember that such false allegations whether carelessly or maliciously made, are criminal.

He noted that even if the Public service was dominated by the Banyankore, it may not help their (Banyankole) community to be any better than the others since the majority of the jobs are from the Private Sector with Industry employing 700,000 Ugandans, services 1,300,000, ICT 170,000 and Agriculture employing 11,965,200.

Besides, Museveni says Banyankole must be exceptionally gifted to dominate a public service that has for a long time been under a well qualified leadership, and more so, not Westerners.

“Why and how would those Banyankore dominate the Public Service where the Public Service Commission was last held by a Westerner, the late Mzee Bikangaga from 1979 to 1990… since that time, the Public service Commission has been headed by Zikusooka, a Musoga, Muzaale, a Musoga, Ralph Ochan, an Acholi, and the membership is always balanced” He said.

“The Education Service Commission was headed by Waggwa Lubega for a long time. The current chairperson of the Education Service Commission is Sam Luboga, a Musoga. The Chairperson of the Health Service Commission is Dr. Pius Okong, a “munyankore” from Teso” Museveni quipped.

“The leaders of those commissions mentioned above are all very highly qualified people in their fields. If they recruit only Banyankore, those Banyankore must be exceptionally gifted. We shall get to the bottom of this nonsense.” he said.

Museveni again warned Ugandans against dragging the Armed Forces in the tribal talk owing to the sacrifices the army make for the country yet they are paid less.

“Beyond that, leave our Army alone and I mean, leave our Army alone… My advice to all of you, is that leave your Army out of that nonsense. The NRA, the UPDF are Armies of sacrifice, all the time for no pay or low pay. They (we) put their lives on the line. Therefore, leave UPDF out of the circus of sectarianism” he stated before adding;

“If you are not working for the enemy, you cannot go on the social-media and demand that we publish the names of the personnel of UPDF, their ranks, and their jobs. The only thing we can say and what you know is that recruitment into the Police and UPDF is by quota.”

Museveni said the talk about tribalism in government is meant to divert him from addressing the 4 sectors of wealth and jobs that he has been telling Ugandans including Commercial Agriculture, Industry, Services, and ICT.

He said one of the ways to solve the current problem of surplus production is to struggle for the deeper integration of the East African markets and not to talk of tribalism. Museveni said the solution is to push for deeper integration of the East African markets and not to talk of tribalism.

“It is because of that realization that the different communities support one another by buying the products or using the services of one another…. Producers prosper because of the purchasing power of Ugandans, East Africans, etc. I am prosperous because the People of Uganda buy my beef (bullocks) and my milk. The Arcade owners and other shop owners in Kampala have been prosperous because you buy their products.” he noted.

“Our pockets make those Arcade and shop owners prosperous by us buying their products. The only problem has been that those shop owners were mainly selling foreign products that can be made here; thereby, sucking a lot of wealth and jobs from Uganda”

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