Popular demand: LDUs to be re-deployed on night operations to Curb rising Criminality -UPDF

LDUs to be redeployed on night operations to curb rising criminality; Courtesy Photo

The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) has announced planned re-deployment of Local Defense Units (LDUs) in Kampala and Wakiso following the withdrawal of their operations.

According to a statement released today, Local Defense Units who have undergone and completed their training will resume operations to curb the rising levels of criminality in communities especially during the night.

Last month, President Museveni ordered withdrawal of LDUs from operations following public outcry over brutality and murders they meted on local people. He also directed that all the personnel of the 10 Battalions of the LDUs operating in Kampala Metropolitan Policing (KMP) Area will undergo weeks of the refresher course.

The Deputy Spoksesperson of the Ministry of Defense Lt. Col Deo Akiiki, said redeployment of LDUs has been prompted by petitions from local leaders and the general public.

The army says, local leaders and general public petitioned security leaders to re-engage the LDUs and soon they will be redeployed to resume night operations to curtail criminal activities.

According to the statement, the LDUs will conduct security operations only at night but in support of the Uganda Police Force. The LDUs will not participate in daytime enforcement of COVID-19 directives outlined by the Ministry of Health and President Museveni.

The LDU’s, according to Deo Akiiki, shall also participate in intelligence-led limited operations on specific targets on request and in support of the Uganda Police.

The army appealed to the public to cooperate and support LDUs in ensuring the safety of Ugandans and secure them from threats and acts of criminality.



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