Court orders MPs to return 20M COVID-19 money

Applicants; Hon. Jonathan Odur and Gerald Karuhanga speaking to the press after the ruling; Online Photo

The High court in Kampala has ordered all MPs who benefited from the Shs 10 billion allocation to either refund it or hand it over to the district COVID-19 task forces.

Mp Gerald Karuhanga petitioned court last week accusing parliament of breaching its rules of procedure following an allocation of 10BN parliament made to itself allegedly meant to facilitate legislators in the fight against COVID-19.

Karuhanga petitioned court last week accusing Parliament of breaching its rules of procedure when it included the money in question into the report of the Budget Committee without the consent of the Committee members. The Shillings 10 billion is part of the Shillings 304 billion Supplementary Budget that was approved by parliament on April 4th, 2020 to facilitate the Covid-19 response.

Justice Michael Elubu issued the orders on Wednesday afternoon while delivering his ruling after the Parliamentary Commission through its lawyers led by Sitinah Cherotich agreed with Karuhanga that the money be returned through the three channels listed as long as it is under public control.

This also comes after President Museveni made remarks cautioning MPs to deposit money to districts COVID-19 taskforces, or risk having their salaries chopped if they dare spend it.

Hon. Karuhanga told journalists that he has now got some relief because the money will return in public control.



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