Mikie -Bobi Wine’s brother in tears after thugs broke into his Home, ROBBED him clean

Artiste Mukwaya Micheal alias Mikie Wine; File Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Bobi wine’s little brother and self proclaimed Sulubada High School Headmaster Mukwaya Micheal Alias Mikie Wine endured a terrifying night on Sunday after panga-wielding robbers broke into his home.

The “Mbu ki?” singer broke the sad news on his Facebook page today mid morning, narrating how the thugs managed to access his home and made away witht valuables.

According to his post, the incidence took place in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Thugs awoke him and his family members up from sleep, and ordered them to remain silent. They then asked for their phones and money.

Lucky enough Mikie says, none of the family members was hurt though he ponders how his family will survive the lockdown since robbers made off with their savings.

Mikie says he reported the case to a nearby police station who responded immediately with sniffer dogs, but not much has been unearthed as they failed to trace the whereabouts of the thugs



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