Tame your arrogance and focus on important issues -Museveni tells cultural leaders

President Museveni said anti-corruption agencies in Uganda were infiltrated by thieves; File

President Museveni has advised leaders of cultural groups in Uganda to focus on more important issues, than trying to create divisions and unnecessary tensions among Ugandans.

Museveni made the remarks on Saturday during the thanksgiving ceremony organized by the Minister of Public Service (Muruuli Mukasa) together with the people of Nakasongola, at Nakayonza Church of Uganda Primary School in Lwabiyata sub-county.

“Uganda is struggling with bigger problems and we do not want to deal with the arrogance of cultural groups” President Museveni said.

He appealed to all cultural leaders in the country to work together without creating divisions and tensions among Ugandans.

“Let every one of us enjoy their cultures because that is what defines African heritage. I am happy when I travel in this country and hear people speak their different languages. I want to go to Acholi and say Itye, go to Mbale and say Mulembe, cross to Busoga and say Kodheyo” President Museveni posted on social media.

Nakasongola is in Buruuli, a cultural chiefdom whose leadership has been at loggerheads with Buganda Kingdom to which the former belongs, with the latter claiming a level of autonomy.

Tensions have been simmering between the two institutions with each accusing the other of provocation and disrespect, ever since the introduction of the Institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act 2011, that led to creation of several cultural sub-groups.



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