Substandard drugs on Ugandan market, Public told to be vigilant

Substandard Medicines and Drugs like these are on Ugandan market; Online Photo

The National Drugs Authority (NDA) has implored the public to be vigilant and report any substandard and falsified medicines on market following a report of an assortment of substandard Chinese-made drugs on Ugandan market.

The drugs recalled drugs are manufactured by a Chinese pharmaceutical company Zheijiang Ruixin supplied by Astra Pharma (U) Ltd.

The discovery has triggered a recall on a number of drugs, after quality assurance teams from NDA confirmed the company’s non conformance to internationally Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

According to the notice issued today, NDA recalled 15 drugs including Quinine injection 300mg/ml, Diclofenac injection 25mg/ml, Octytocin injection 101U/ml, Gentamycin 80mg/ml, Cloxacilin injection 500mg/ml, Lidocaine injection 20mg/ml, Aminophylline 25mg,ml, Atropine injection 25mg/ml,  Metoclopramide injection 25mg/ml, Calicium Glutonate 10%, Promethazine injection 25mg/ml, Vitamin B Complex injection, Indomethacin 25mg capsules, Tetracycline 250mg capsules, Chlorpromazine 25mg/ml.

The document sabasaba saw indicates that the undertaking is due to non-conformance observed by inspectors as a precaution to prevent future eventualities. It also notes that this is a standard procedure to regulate drugs for purposes of protecting the population.

However, the document indicates the recall is class B which goes to retail level, and not class ‘A’ recall which follows products to patient level due to serious health problems the recalled drugs may cause. Customers have been directed to return the quantities to the Joint Medical Stores (JMS) branches spread across the country.

According to NDA, such recalls can be triggered by failure to comply with medicine specifications after analysis in the laboratories. Adverse drug reactions and critical complaints due to a particular drug can also trigger a recall.

A few weeks ago NDA recalled batches of defective Life Guard condoms that accessed the Ugandan market without going through the standard inspection process. The process for recall of condoms is still ongoing.

The authority says recall of any drug is a normal practice in regulation of the drug and it is done to protect the population.



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