I was asked to ban Balokole over claims they are liars, perform fake miracles -Museveni


President Yoweri Museveni said he turned down demands advanced to him by some religious leaders to ban Born-again churches in Uganda, over claims that they are liars and imposters who pretend to perform miracles.

In a short message shared on Sunday September 4, 2023 Museveni narrates how he resisted pressure during early days of his government to ban the Born-again churches, and now he is thankful to God for guidance not to antagonize the Balokole faith.

“When we came to power, a group of religious leaders came & asked me to ban the Born-Agains/ Balokole, that they were liars & pretending to perform miracles. I said let them be, If they tell lies, God will deal with them. I am glad God guided me not to involve myself in that area.” State House posted on social media platform X.

The Born-again/Balokole -majorly pentecostal church belief has taken root in Uganda -a secular East African nation where traditional religious beliefs had been overshadowed by Anglicanism, Catholicism and Islam.

Currently, Born-agains/Balokole who gained popularity in the 60’s claim to constitute about 13 percent of the 45million population in Uganda.

It is not clear what prompted President Museveni to raise the matter now but his admiration for Balokole is public knowledge despite he being an Anglican. His wife -the First Lady Janet Kataha is a Mulokole but also his daughter Patience Rwabwogo is a Pastor at Convenant Nations Ministries.

The president’s message also comes at amid a heated debate over unregulated conduct of Balokole especially street preachers who sections of the public accuse of harassment and noise pollution.

There is however another, rather-controversial demand, floated by leaders in Balokole community to have Museveni create a ministerial post for religious affairs. This can be coupled with several other demands advanced by Balokole including a ministerial position in charge of family affairs and a marriage & divorce law.



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