Doctors reveal Segirinya has skin cancer, MP cursing Parliament for not helping him


Kawempe Noth MP Segirinya Muhammad who is currently hospitalized in Netherlands says he has been diagnosed with skin cancer.

While speaking with Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko, Segirinya also cried out for help from well-wishers, and save him the embarrassment resulting from failure to clear the huge hospital bill which keep accumulating everyday.

Speaking from a hospital bed at Amsterdam University Medical Center where he has been receiving treatment since August 10, Segirinya said diagnosis by doctors confirmed he has skin cancer, lung infection and liver problems.

To make matters worse, the legislator in a sobbing voice, intimated that he has no money left to undergo the prescribed medical procedures in order to save his life. He accused Parliament for not catering for his medical bills despite being one of the privileges he is entitled to.

“My brother (referring to Nsereko) I have been told I have skin cancer but also my lungs are infected. Doctors told me if I had not sought treatment, I would have not lived for 6 months.” Segirinya told Nsereko in a phone conversation.

Segirinya says endoscopy tests also revealed his liver requires surgery after doctors confirmed it developed 2 protruding tissues. He says every time a new problem is discovered, the bill soars yet he has no money left as Parliament abandoned him.

Hon. Segirinya said besides buying him an air ticket to Nairobi, Parliament has never footed any medical bill ever since.

“Here they agreed to treat me but the process requires 80million shillings which I don’t have. They said if I fail to raise the money, I will clean the hospital or wash the bedsheets which I agreed to do” he said before adding:

“What pains me is Parliament going around telling people how they helped me yet it’s not true. They have not given me any help. I have spent my own money now amounting to 70million an treatment in Nairobi and here in Netherlands. I don’t have any money with me yet the hospital needs money.” Segirinya noted saying the medical insurance card for MPs can only be useful in Uganda.

Medical Insurance Scheme guidelines for MPs (section 3.5) states;
The members shall be entitled to evacuation in case of illness and or accident from any part of Uganda to an appropriate medical facility within or outside Uganda”

Paragraph 2 of the same subsection adds; “Should it be necessary, such a patient shall be evaluated by way of worldwide rescue cover in a medical emergency to medical hospitals/facilities outside Uganda as shall be recommended by the medical practitioner(s)”

Segirinya Muhammad was released from Luzira prison in February this year after spending 15 months on remand over charges related to murders in Greater Masaka. His health deteriorated last month which promoted him to fly out of the country for treatment following diagnostic reports that his lungs had developed tumors.



  1. sorry my brother Hon MP segirinya, we call for speaker of parliament of Uganda do needfull to save him.
    also I call call for Jon Kyagulanyi please do needfull to save Segirinya.
    I know you’re not Yaala(not poor) ,If you can have vacation with your full family in USA and europe. always,why don’t you foot the medical bills for your comrade.its matter of cut on ur lavish spending
    Do you people wait for red carpet to Kulabisa if he dies.oh GOD forbid. that you talk your irrelevant,God save Segirinya .for him to testify who’s afriend in need and opportunists.
    Hon Mukasa Henry Ssempiri KCCA KAWEMPE


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