Mpuuga represents the Good and Bad of NUP -Bobi Wine hails LOP before Diaspora supporters


National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi has expressed appreciation to the Leader of opposition in Parliament (LOP) Hon. Mathias Mpuuga describing him as the true representation of the opposition party.

Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine was responding to a question why he has not shuffled Mpuuga amidst claims that the LOP has for long deviated from his role in Parliament, and is in bed with the ruling party. (The same claim has been making rounds within the NUP supporters back home, with elements purporting a bitter split in the relationship between Bobi Wine and Mathias Mpuuga).

This claim was again raised during the convention organized by NUP supporters in the Diaspora held in Arlington Virginia US, where a delegation of NUP leaders including Bobi Wine, party spokesperson Joel Senyonyi were invited.

“Mr president, the time has come that we do a reshuffle in the shadow cabinet mainly the leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga” a one Taylor stated attracting applause from the audience. Taylor (who calls himself Justice Hunter) claimed Mpuuga is a quid-pro-quo LOP, a speculator, and a hypocrite who is a hired gun for the despot (referring to president Yoweri Museveni.

Similar views were also carried by a section of NUP supporters in Diaspora during an interactive session with Bobi Wine in Boston, USA in April this year.

In the short video posted on social media today, some members of the audience are heard yelling “NO” when they were asked whether NUP has a leader of opposition in Mpuuga. They also accused him for failing to put pressure on Speaker Anita Among during the iron sheets scandal which to them was an opportune moment to kick her out using a censure motion.

But in his response, Bobi Wine rather disappointed them by praising Mpuuga not only as a performer but also a better representative of Uganda’s largest opposition party.

“I understand that there some areas of disatisfaction, but it’s also true that he (Mpuuga) has done some good work in Parliament” Bobi retorted, attracting huge applause (surprisingly) from the same audience.

Kyagulanyi said he is aware that with an autocratic government, some people can be framed to appear that they have been compromised which might be the case with Mpuuga.

“But I cannot forget to be thankful to what Mathias Mpuuga has done for our party and our country Uganda because as we speak now, Hon. Mpuuga is the true representation of our strength and our weakness, our good and our, leave that to me” Bobi said amid deafening applause.

“I am the one who appointed him as the leader of opposition, so, while he takes the blame, I want to share the blame as well…and I will say; bikwase Kyagulanyi” Bobi said as if to say; “trust me to do the right thing” -completely associating himself with whatever the LOP does.



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