Rift in FDC deepens: Semujju Nganda Sacked from party Whip


The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has Sacked Hon. Semujju Nganda from position of party whip in Parliament as the recent rift in party leadership deepens.

In August 7 letter signed by FDC secretary general Hon Mandala Mafabi, the opposition party appointed Mawokota South MP Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi to replace Semujju Nganda.

The letter copied to Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa and Chief opposition whip indicates that Nsibambi’s appointment takes immediate effect.

The sacking comes at the height of tensions within FDC with a splinter group accusing the top leadership at FDC Najjanankumbi offices which is accused of receiving billions of “evil money” from NRM allegedly to sell the party to president Yoweri Museveni.

Semujju Nganda who belongs to the Katonga faction initiated the accusations of evil money accusing Nandala Mafabi of hobnobbing with the ruling NRM.

Yesterday, former president of FDC Dr. Kizza Besigye pinned Nandala for unscrupulous behavior way back in 2020 when he asked him to keep 300million shillings under the pretext of evading taxes.

Besigye also trashed the report by the elders committee constituted to probe the source of evil money as useless saying the committee didn’t reveal anything tangible.



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