MPs urge President Museveni to appoint a labour minister


By Mary Asujo

MPs want the president to appoint the state minister for labour and fill the vacant position that exist in cabinet.

While speaking at a press conference on Monday during the launch of Forum on labour, decent employment and productivity, Hon. Roland Ndyomugenyi said that having the ministry will improve the welfare of workers.

The position of state minister fell vacant after the Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations Rt. Col. Charles Engola was gunned down by his body guard early last month.

“We want to request the president to urgently appoint labour minister since the demise of late Charles Engola,” said Ndyomugyenyi.

Hon. Ndyomugyenyi added that government gets a lot of money from the workers in form of reparations so there is need for a separate ministry.

Workers MP, Hon. Margaret Namubiru Rwabushaija explained that currently the ministry of gender is housing a number of groups and can’t handle issues of workers issues better because the workers are many in number.

“Also the workers who leave the country and come in need to be protected. This forum will help to advocate for the rights of workers,” she added.

The parliamentary forum on labour, decent employment and productivity was incorporated and registered on 11th October 2021. The MPs applauded the Speaker of parliament, Hon. Anita Among and the Deputy speaker, Hon. Thomas Tayebwa for guiding them in the forum.

The forum was put in place with a sole aim to advocate and promote the role of decent employment opportunities and productive labour in achieving sustainable wealth creation through effective stakeholder engagement, legislation and oversight.

The purpose of the launch slated tomorrow at Imperial Royale Hotel is aimed at rallying stakeholders on objectives of the parliamentary forum on labour, decent employment and productivity.



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