Rogue Policeman shoots dead businessman in Kampala


A police officer is on the run after he allegedly shot and killed a money lender at Raja chambers along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, Constable (PC) Ivan Wabwire is wanted for the murder which happened at around 1PM.

Onyango identified the victim as Uttam Bandari, a manager at TFS Finanicial Services.

Police cordoned off a section of the road as investigations kick off to ascertain the motive and details behind the shooting.

It is alleged that Wabwire had borrowed money from the money lender but turned up to find out that the loan had accumulated to 2Million which he did’nt expect.

Onyango says he later shot the camera in room and the employees took off. He says they are now retrieving footage to see what actually happened.



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