Controversial lawyer Mabirizi asks court to block enactment of Anti-Homosexuality Bill

City Lawyer Male Mabirizi; Courtesy Photo

Controversial lawyer Male Mabirizi is seeking to block parliamentary proceedings to enact the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 claiming that the process is an infringement on his and rights of other Ugandans.

Mabirizi who is now popular for controversial suits and has almost challenged everything that comes his way, has already filed a human rights enforcement application seeking to block the legislation which is still in initial stages of enactment.

In an application filed under Article 20, 38(1) 43(2)(a) & (c) 45, 50(1-2) of Chapter Four of the Constitution, and Section 3, 5,6,9 and 14 of the Human zrights (Enforcement) Act 2019, Mabirizi petitioned Grade One Magistrates Court at City Hall in Kampala to block the Anti-Homosexuality bill.

In his pleas, Mabirizi seeks court to declare that the actions, decisions, proceedings of parliament including granting Hon. Asuman Basalirwa to prepare and table the private members’ bill, it’s first reading, the “biased and unbalanced” conduct of speaker Anita Among, and the issuance of a certificate of financial implication by the Minister for Finance, as to “infringe upon, derogate/threaten” the applicant’s and other Ugandan citizen’s fundamental and inherent civic rights.

According to a syamped copy of the notice posted on his social media account, the application was received by court today 14 March 2023.

Mabirizi also notes that court has set April 13, 2023 2PM as the date and time for hearing of his application.



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