MPs want Karamoja ministers to resign for diverting relief items


By Mary Asujo

MPs from Karamoja want the two ministers in charge of Karamoja Affairs to step aside for alleging mismanaging the distribution of relief items meant to benefit the people of Karamoja.

The legislators were speaking to journalists at parliament on Wednesday following reports that the minister in charge of Karamoja region Mary Goretti Kituttu’s relative was found in posession of iron sheets which were part of relief supplies meant to benefit the people of Karamoja who suffered the disarmament.

According to the MPs, iron sheets meant for the people were found in the home of Nandutu and over 20 bags of Posho were found in the home of Minister Kitutu.

The legislators have now mounted pressure on the two ministers in charge of Karamoja to step aside since they have been allegedly mismanaging items.

This was agreed upon through their chairperson Remigio Achia of the Karamoja parliamentary group who accuse the minister of state for Karamoja Affairs Agnes Nadutu and the main Minister Goretti Kitutu of hiding the items in their homes.

They also raised concern that only 35% of the goats supplied were delivered to the beneficiaries yet the 39BN money passed by parliament to cater for the demands of Karimojong has been used up.



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