8 Makerere students Suspended over hooliganism and other acts of indiscipline

Makerere University students during recent protests; File Courtesy Photo

Makerere University administration has today suspended eight (8) students over alleged involvement in acts of indiscipline relating to engaging in violent activities and destruction of property contrary to the institution’s regulations.

According to a document shared on the university website, the suspension arise from a report the Dean of students presented to University management on 7th March 2022 following violent clashes between Mitchell and University Hall residents, which occurred around 3:00 am on Sunday 6th March 2022.

The suspended students are Collin Chemonges Musiime, David Mutesasira, Luzze Muhamad, Zelkelea Sengendo, Joel Mujurizi, Kizito Luzige, Yunusu Lubega and Raymond Ocheng.

Management noted that students from Mitchell and University Hall residents staged illegal roadblocks in the wee hours of the night broke over 150 windowpanes across 91 windows at both Mitchell and University Halls, which actions contravene MUK Students Regulations 8 (2) (a) and (b) & 8 (9)(b) (i)(iii)(ix) and (xi).

The acts in the said sections of the regulations include hooliganism, mounting roadblocks in campus, throwing stones at buildings etc.

Management also noted that further assessments are ongoing to determine other university properties destroyed in the altercation.

“Be cause of your involvement in the above offensive acts and in order to ensure safety and security of the university community, you are hereby suspended with immediate effect from Makerere University until further notice and subject to outcome of the investigations.” the Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Henry Alinaitwe said.

He however noted that after the investigations are complete, the students will be summoned for hearing on the date which will be communicated.



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