Why PM Robinah Nabbanja held an “important” Zoom meeting in the middle of the Road


Uganda’s Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja has again proved that she is very serious about her job, when she refused to miss an “important meeting” and went on to hold it in the middle of the road.

It has been established that the maverick Prime Minister’s meeting, which has since triggered debate on social media, happened on the sidelines of the Parish Development Model Pre-Launch sessions in Tororo District in eastern Uganda on February 17, 2022.

The photographs and video showing the road blocked by security guards and Hon Nabbanja with a Uganda Flag and EAC flag behind him, sitting behind a small table with a laptop computer in front of her, have since went viral on social media.

Sources in her office said Nabbanja was driving from Tororo where she had met local leaders, and was rushing to address another meeting in Butaleja, when time for her scheduled presentation to the Global Disability Summit clocked and she had no option but to stop to hold the meeting at roadside.

“We wanted to first reach Busitema University where we had scheduled to stop and have the prime minister address the summit but time caught up with us. We had no option but to stop because the meeting was important” an official who travelled with Nabbanja said.

According to the official who preferred not to be identified, the virtual meeting that started at 5:30PM took close to 1 hour as the prime minister addressed the Summit. He (the official) however, did not want to respond to how the meeting on the road antagonized traffic or movement of persons in the area.

“We didn’t want to look as if we are “unorganized or inefficient” in the eyes of the international community for the Prime Minister to skip the presentation yet she was scheduled to make the address” the official noted.

In the video, Nabbanja is heard making a commitment on behalf of Uganda to strengthen the capacity of organizations of person with disabilities, ensure inclusive education for PWDs, promote inclusive access to healthcare, employment opportunities, and special consideration for livelihoods of PWDs during crises and conflicts.

She also committed that the government of Uganda and partners will develop a disability management information system to track access to the special grants and other livelihood interventions towards the welfare of PWDs.

Story will updated with details about the virtual meeting and content presented by Hon Nabbanja…



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