A Group of people is plotting to discredit Military Operations against ADF in Congo -UPDF


The leadership of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and the Congolese army -FADRC said a group of people is planning to discredit the ongoing joint operations against the ADF rebels in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a joint statement released on Monday, the two armies claim they have impounded a truck carrying goods and among them were uniforms similar to that of the UPDF that they say were to be used by unscrupulous persons to commit atrocities in a bid to create panic within locals and discredit the Ugandan army.

“The vicious mission thus plotted aims not only at sparking and promoting hostility towards the UPDF and FADRC among the local population that they have been mandated to protect but also to create generalized panic and stamped in the same population that welcomed and supported the coalition forces since the launch of operations against the enemies of peace,” the joint statement said.

According to the statement, by wearing the UPDF uniform and insignia, the planners of the plot aim at tarnishing the Ugandan army’s name by creating a believe that the army is attacking people.

The joint leadership of the two armies however said they are watching every move, noting that they will not be swayed off the mission to secure both countries.

“The FADRC and UPDF reassure the public that they will not be distracted nor diverted from their mission to definitively neutralize the enemy. They reaffirm that in the conduct of operations to restore peace, security and state authority, they respect human rights, international law, humanitarian aid and rules of engagement.”

It remains unclear whether the unnamed group is an organized army outside Uganda’s borders or one of the rebel groups targeted in the ongoing military operations in Congo.

Uganda and DRC launched air and artillery offensives against ADF camps on November 30 and consequently targeted camps of Tondoli, Kambi Yayu, Abia, Belu 1 and Belu 2 in a military operation codenamed “Shujja”

The two armies recently announced they had overrun the biggest ADF camp in Kambi Ya Yua that they said housed over 600 fighters and measured over six acres.



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