New Variants, fake science… Whatever it is, We always Win: A Believer’s standpoint

We always Win -Shannon Mujera; Courtesy Photo

By Shannon Mujera

The rate at which things are moving fast today, makes Italy’s Lamont Marcell Jacobs -the recently crowned fastest man with the Tokyo 2021 Olympics World record seem like child play.

You blink for a millisecond and you find millions of headlines which would ordinarily be played out in an entire century. Events ranging from terrorist bomb attacks, corruption, graft cases, gender-based violence, road accidents, food insecurity, increased crime, political detentions, forced vaccinations, confused scientists, woke climate zealots, globalists forced control, indoctrinated elites, fake science, New Covid-19 strains, deceitful preachers, ignorant Christians …Whoooash! And the list goes on and on to a seeming eternity. Perhaps just too much for one to take in in one lifetime.

Well, thank God, that listing is over. Let’s now take a deep breath and analyze the root cause of all these. So many a time as Christians, the children of the most High God, we get caught up in putting out fires without knowing the fires are just a smoke screen the enemy uses to distract us. Today is lack, tomorrow sickness, the following day heartbreak, the next week fear, the following month bondage, the next year death. The vicious cycle just never stops. But why should it anyway? We live in a fallen world where darkness reigns. We are just but sojourners in this earth. Goes the habitual consolation chorus the Christians use.

What if I told you that this statement is false? Hard to believe; right? Let me show you why. Let’s examine the life of Noah. His story is recorded in the book of Genesis from Chapter 6. During his time, perversion amongst mankind had reached a record high and man’s imagination was continually evil that even God regretted having created man. You can just imagine how bad it must have been for God to reach the point of regret. The Bible states, “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” and he was spared from the judgement that befell the earth.

The first thing to note is that God is not oblivious of the happenings of the earth. He saw how great the wickedness of man was. He had a plan to wipe out the wickedness from the face of the earth whist being mindful of his righteous servant Noah who was faithful in His walk with Him. So yes, God does know. And yes, He does have a plan to stop it. And yes, as His child you have assurance of His salvation for, and He will not let His holy one see death. Isn’t it comforting to know that even in all these, we are assured of God’s salvation? The judgement that was brought to others marked the salvation for His righteous one.

Now going back to Noah, God told him to make himself an ark which would be used to salvage his family and the rest of creation. He gave him precise measurements and materials to use. Needless to say, that was not a walk in the park. It probably took him years to complete such historic architectural work. During that time, he was ridiculed for doing what everyone thought was absurd. Life still continued as normal, people having weddings, giving birth and so on. There was also no apparent sign of any rains going to destroy the earth. But Noah, remained faithful, knowing that He who had promised was faithful to accomplish what He had said.

It was only when Noah and the rest of creation was safe in the ark, that God caused the floodgates of heaven to pour on the earth, destroying everything and anything in it. Do you now see how God works to save His people? In Matthew 24:37 Jesus tells his disciples that the coming of the Son of Man will be as the days of Noah. People still continuing with their daily lives without giving heed to the coming of the flood. He elaborates it further by giving the example of a house master. If the master of the house knew the hour in which the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have suffered the loss of having his house broken through.

Therefore brethren, let us stand forth in full assurance of God’s promise. He is not oblivious to the happenings in your life and our world. He has a plan and we do well to heed to the words spoken to us through the Prophets. Salvation will only reign in our camps if we do exactly as God instructs us to do.

Remember He is Supreme above all things and being on His side, is being on the side of victory. God so deeply cares for us, he would not let judgement pass to the people of the earth until, he is assured of the safety and preservation of His children. Cheer up brethren and know there is a God in heaven who fights for your cause. Being perfected through Jesus Christ we have a better covenant. Let us be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. God’s unfailing love us and His faithfulness are our assurance to victory. We are on God’s side and that is why we always win!

The Writer is a member of the National Christian Students’ Association (NCSA)




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