Uganda Airlines to include Nsenene on it’s inflight Customer Menu


Uganda Airlines is considering adding Nsenene -a local delicacy of grasshoppers to its menu for regional and international flights.

The new development follows an incident when a Nsenene vendor caused commotion and excitement on the airline after sneaking into the aircraft with his merchandize, causing frenzy as passengers scrambled for the insects.

According to the Airline, the onboard incident which they say was unacceptable, happened at a time when passengers were boarding. A video clip of the incident which has since gone viral shows unruly passengers scrambling to pay for a share of the delicacy.

In a statement, Uganda Airline says they will not take this conduct on board lightly but they picked lessons from the incident. Flight No446 was due to takeoff en-route to Dubai when the incident happened.

“We will not take this conduct lightly because it undermines the spirit of national carrier. We have picked lessons from the incident. We understand that they (grasshoppers) were not in plenty this season hence the excitement. We are considering adding Nsenene, a Ugandan delicacy, to our menu for regional and international flights on request” the statement reads in part.

Uganda Airlines says, the addition of Nsenene on it’s inflight menu will bring the Ugandan culture to the world and their key products are people and the experience.

On board Uganda Airlines, you can enjoy a choice of creative, delicious meals and premium drinks including Chapati Rolex, Katogo -matooke or cassava cooked with beef or offal’s, Uganda Waragi – a local gin, fresh fruit juice etc.

Jesa Yoghurt, the brand associated with Jesa Farm Dairy Limited of the Mulwana Group, Lato Milk, a brand by the Mbarara-based Pearl Dairy Farms Limited, and Wavah Water is also fixed on the Airline’s menu.

The move, according to Uganda Airlines, will boost tourism marketing and the livelihood of people in the grasshopper value chain going forward.

Uganda grasshoppers are closely related to bush crickets which are caught and fried with few additions of oil, salt or onions. The crunch, fried Nsenene are a great delicacy though they are yet to find a place on menus in bigger restaurants and hotels.

“We are in talks with passengers involved, and if there is another occurrence of such conduct on board, the passenger will be off-loaded without further consideration. No one should be exposed to an unruly experience in our flight. The unacceptable disruptive behavior prevents the performance of critical duties to the flight crew” The statement adds.



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