UCC issues ultimatum to Radio owners operating unauthorized Signal boosters

UCC Bugolobi Offices; Courtesy Photo

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has announced an impending crackdown on radio owners operating unauthorized network boosters who have continuously abused communication procedures causing interference to radio signals.

In a statement issued today, UCC shall take enforcement action against the sale, purchase, installation, and use or operation of such devices without further warning, effective 1st August 2021.

According to UCC, the move was prompted by UCC complaints from the national telecommunications operators about interference caused by the unauthorized use of repeater stations (also known as boosters) aimed at boosting the mobile network signals.

UCC says the unauthorized repeater stations amplify the radio signal noise environment, thus causing signal interference to mobile networks of the duly licensed network operators, which affects the quality of service of the affected network.

“Therefore, the use of network repeaters contravenes the Uganda Communications Act 2013 and regulations issued thereunder. The general public is hereby warned against the unauthorized sale, purchase, installation, and use or operation of repeater stations/devices except where a licensed mobile network operator provides and configures such for use.” the statement posted on UCC website reads.

This website could not establish the specific enforcement procedure UCC intends to undertake since our phone calls to pick a comment from the responsible officers remain unanswered.

Established under Section 4 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013, The Uganda Communications Commission is mandated to regulate the communications sector in Uganda.

Section 21 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 stipulates that; A person shall not, without a licence issued by the Commission— (a) establish or use any radio station or provide radio communication services; (b) sell, let, hire or otherwise dispose of any radio communications apparatus; (c) manufacture, possess, install, connect or operate any radio communications apparatus or interference-causing apparatus.

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