Police arrest ‘real’ killers in Gen Katumba Wamala attack. One killed in operation

Deputy IGP Maj Gen Paul Lokech displaying a portrait of one of the suspects today; Courtesy Photo

Uganda Police have identified and arrested 4 suspected attackers involved in the assassination attempt on Works minister Gen Katumba Wamala.

In a press conference held at Police Headquarters in Kampala, Deputy IGP Maj Gen Paul Lokech identified the shooter who pulled the trigger as Hussein Wahab Lubwama known by his nickname -Master.

According to Gen Lokech, Lubwama is the one seen in Police CCTV camera footage putting on a stripped T-shirt and holding a gun riding on a motor-cycle.

However, Gen Lokech said when the security team zeroed on Lubwama, he tried to fight and was put out of action.

The second shooter is called ‘Kanaabe’ -also a nickname which he said security will later synchronize and identify him since he uses different names. The motorcycle rider who carried Kannabe is ‘Mudinka’ -a nickname and whose real names are Walusimbi Kamada.

Gen Lokech said, in the last 24 hours, security forces zeroed on the suspects following a three-week operation of surveillance. The police surveillance was collaborated with technical and human intelligence to come to what they have today.

On 1st June 2021, unknown gunmen sprayed Gen Katumba Wamala’s vehicle with bullets instantly killing his daughter Brenda Nantongo and his driver Haruna Kayondo. Katumba survived with injuries in both arms.

According to police, the second shooter and his rider attacked Katumba’s vehicle from the left. Lokech said Walusimbi is currently in detention.

The third suspect is one who took the gun after shooting is called Muhamed Kagugube. He is also in police custody according to Gen Lokech.

Another character called Amin is also in police custody having received guns at his place used in the attack. The suspects were picked from Kikaaya, Kawanda, Nansana and Katooke all in Metropolitan Kampala.

Police also stated that the killer guns were ferried to the kill zone in a 42-inch Television box but later on ferried in banana leaves to a home of somebody called ‘Mukwasi’ whose real names are yet to be unearthed.

The mastermind of the attack is Sheikh Obadia, a Muslim cleric and an ADF rebel who is said to have recruited all the suspects. Obadia is still on the run. The attackers are linked to Allied Democratic Forces operating in DRC.

He said upon a search at Amin’s home, security found materials and formulae used in making of bombs, a photograph of which were displayed during the presser.

“No crime with impunity will go unpunished. To the bad guys outside there, you must know that there is no space to hide and we shall always get you” Gen Lokech said. He also shared CCTV footages which were used by security to track down the suspects leading to the arrests. Lokech said no one will spill blood of Ugandans and get away with it.

Gen Lokech said security is continuing to break ADF terror cells in Kampala and bring to book the attackers to ensure they face the law. He assured the public that state organs will do whatever it takes to protect lives and property of Ugandans.




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