Security intercept a gang of thieves terrorizing locals in Mukono stealing animals

A suspected thief being led away by security personnel; Courtesy Photo

By our reporter

Security operatives and LDUs in Nakisunga Sub county, Mukono District, intercepted and arrested a man suspected to be part of gang of thieves who have been terrorizing locals stealing their animals.

In a cordon and search operation conducted on Tuesday night, operatives were forced to shoot at a run-away car registered number UAS 275E Toyota Noah leading to the arrest of a thief (names withheld for security reasons) while other gang members managed to escape.

Three slaughtered cows and their hides were found in the car. Police from Mukono arrived at the crime scene to examine the car and took it to the police station at Mukono.

The car -a Toyota Noah impounded by security with suspected stolen meat; Courtesy Photo

At the crime scene, locals gathered to see what really happened after hearing shots and were seen critically examining the car and the exhibit of meat inside.

Residents informed this reporter that animal theft is very common in their area and that thieves slaughter animals before leaving behind warning notices deterring locals not to follow up. The locals went ahead to appreciate services of LDUs.

Samuel Lwembawo, the owner of the stolen cows claims ownership of the stolen cows. He says that during the night, he heard one of the cows crying and when the herdsman came to milk the cows in the morning, they were gone.

The LDU known as Kato, who shot at the car tyres of the car narrated the arrest and how the thief tried to bribe him so that they free him but declined.



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