Thieves disguise as National Water employees, Steal 100M from Kyambogo residence

$4500 and 85M shillings stolen by thieves in Kyambogo disguising as utility service workers; Courtesy Photo

Police in Kyambogo, Kampala is investigating a robbery in which $4500 and cash amounting to over 85 million shillings was stolen from a residence by thieves disguised as workers of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC).

According to a brief from the OC CID, Kyambogo Police Station D/ASP Nuwamanya Samuel Binuzire, four thieves (three males and one female) dressed in NWSC uniform entered a residence at Kyambogo Lower Estate Edinburg Avenue and held the occupants captive before they made away with cash.

The incident happened on 31st March 2021 at 0800hrs and was reported at Kyambogo Police Station -Kyambogo Lower Police Post, recorded under reference number SD07/31/03/2021.CRB 027/2021.

Upon entering, , the assailants in blue overalls and helmets resembling NWSC uniform, held the cook captive by tying him up as they executed the robbery. The housemaid who returned to the house shortly afterwards was also tied up and locked up in the washroom.

The thieves found cash in the house but also broke the safe and made away with $4500 which was kept inside. The owners arrived later only to find that the thieves had already left with cash.

According to the brief, scene-of-crime police visited the premises and statements were recorded from the victims as investigations into the robbery kicks off.

Police say footage from CCTV cameras mounted in the residence shows the assailants used helmets to cover their faces before executing their mission.

Whereas investigations are still progressing, sources indicate that it could have been an inside job because the robbers seemed to have been receiving instructions as the robbery was going on.

A screen grab from a CCTV footage showing thieves at the residence; Sabasaba Photo


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