“Carry your Cross” -House of Bishops condemns Ntagali to ‘Gallows’ over Adultery

House of Bishops say Retired Archbishop Stanley will be handled in accordance with Church laws; File Photo

The House of Bishops of Church of Uganda, has said Retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali who recently confessed to involving in extra-marital affair with a married woman, will be handled in accordance with Church laws.

The communication from Bishops was made at a press conference held on Friday at the Provincial Secretariat in Namirembe, Kampala, following a sitting that was held at Lweza, Wakiso District on the 28th day of January 2021, that specifically convened to decide Ntagali’s fate.

Ntagali who retired from episcopal ministry in August 2019, recently confessed to sleeping with a married woman against Church practice. In a 13th January letter, the current Archbishop Rt Rev. Stephen Kazimba suspended Ntagali from apostolic service having acted “contrary to the vows and commitments he championed.”

The Bishops affirmed that Ntagali committed the sin of adultery which must be handled in accordance with the Cannons of the Church of Uganda. The cannon according to Mr Ivan Nayijuka, the Communications Officer Kapala Diocese, prescribe suspension from service if a person is found guilty of sin, but also excommunication from service can be a penalty especially for adultery.

He however noted that Church of Uganda House of Bishops has exclusive powers to recall the culprit to service if he or she repents his or her sins.

The House condemned the Ntagali’s act and acknowledged it as a sin of an individual in the person of Bishop Stanley Ntagali, and the “Church of Christ remains healthy and spotless.”

The House also upheld the statement made by Archbishop Kazimba (on 13th January 2021) noting that by indefinitely suspending Ntagali from priestly duties, he was implementing a decision that had previously been agreed upon by the House.

In the statement, Kazimba noted that it was “Business unusual” for the Church of Uganda, a time for repentance and not for gossiping. Sources inside the Church allege that Ntagali’s affair with a married woman spanned several years back into his time of service but it has been kept a secret within the Church circles.

In the latest statement issued, it was noted that the House of Bishops appointed a team to minister and provide counselling to both Ntagali family and woman’s family members. The details about this team have not been provided.



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