It’s not time to Celebrate -Bobi Wine tells NUP MPs

NUP President, Kyagulanyi Robert; Courtesy Photo

The National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi has tipped the recently declared winners for parliamentary seats on NUP ticket that they ought to re-focus energies on expectations of voters, than bask in victory.

Kyagulanyi made the remarks during a meeting with party sponsored MPs at his home in Magere on Tuesday following the lifting of a siege by security around his home which has been in place since January 14th.

“I want to tell you that you were not elected to go and eat. You have been entrusted with a task which trust you should not betray. Use your positions to advance the mission of the people power movement which is to remove the dictatorship” Kyagulanyi stated.

“The people of Uganda are relying on us, they voted us and we must not disappoint them. While you take up these offices you need to remember that you are servants to the people. You were appointed to serve as anchors of a struggle for freedom and life. They are relying on you and expect you to be serious” Kyagulanyi said.

Kyagulanyi congratulated the winners but urged them to “offer themselves as sacrifice” for the struggle which he said has just began.

“I need to remind and task you that business is just beginning, it has not ended. You must know that you have the trust of the people which is a noble thing” he said amidst applause.

Kyagulanyi also told the MPs-elect that they must be ready to endure and overcome “enticements” like ministerial positions as one way the authorities in power will use to compromise their integrity. He however said the new MPs should also expect hardships if they refuse the said enticements.

Kyagulanyi also promised to engage the new MPs more in another meeting where the media will not be allowed.

Kyagulanyi insisted that his he is the rightful winner of the 14th January elections which he claims was robbed from him. He claimed many NUP candidates were also robbed of victory mainly through falsification of results declaration forms and open rigging by the military. He said NUP has evidence in form of videos to prove that the victory was theirs.

“I want to assure you who are here and all out there, that Mr Museveni is not the rightful winner. I myself was overwhelmingly voted for. We contest the results that were released by the Electoral Commission” He said.

Kyagulanyi however was non-committal to the constitutional path of challenging election results in courts of law saying NUP has trust in the “court of public opinion” having witnessed results from efforts of his predecessors who petitioned court.



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