8 Female lawyers in trouble for Dancing in Court- VIDEO

A screen grab from the video showing young lawyers dancing inside court premises; Sabasaba Photo

Four Bar-course students of Makerere Law Development Center (LDC) who recorded a video dancing within court premises in Uganda, will face disciplinary action for their unethical and unprofessional conduct, according to the judiciary.

Clad in their professional suits, Kakidi Ann, Nabirye Zeridah Mary, Karungi Kellen and Katusiime Pearl, Nyinamatsiko Gloria, Kyomuhendo Justine, Kamaliza Immaculate and Basemera Edith recorded a video while dancing within court premises, an act that has been since referred to as both unethical and unprofessional.

The video, showing the young lawyers displaying their seemingly erotic dancing skills, has gone viral on social media attracting both criticism and approval.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Judiciary stated that the first four who appeared in the video have since apologized for their actions and reprimanded, but the matter is not yet over.

The first three are part of the 18 LDC students on internship undertaking a clerkship programme at the Commercial Court in Kampala, while the forth is on clerkship with a private city law firm and participated in the dance video while on a visit to her colleagues.

According to the statement, the LDC management has undertaken to handle the issue within the confines of its internal disciplinary procedures despite them having apologized and promised never to do it again.

“To the Court, this was unprofessional and unethical conduct and abuse of the integrity of the judiciary as a whole” Ann Mugyenyi Bitature, the commercial court judge is quoted to have stated before he summoned, met and reprimanded the four students.

Justice Bitature confirmed that she met the director of LDC who promised that the students will be subjected to disciplinary process.

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