Archbishop Kazimba tasks Security agencies on Professionalism

Church of Uganda Arcgbishop Dr Stephen Kazimba Mugalu; File Photo

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev Dr Stephen Kazimba Mugalu, has challenged security forces in Uganda to step up and prove that they are a professional lot as citizens have always believed, especially in this political season as the country heads to elections due in two weeks time.

The Archbishop’s comments were communicated in his end-of-year message in which he majorly appealed for calm amidst a standoff between politicians and security agencies, in enforcement of COVID-19 prevention directives. The directives have become a point of contention with opposition politicians accusing security for selective enforcement, leading to violent scuffles.

In his 10-point missive, Kazimba challenged security forces to prove that they are professionals they have always been said to be, by remaining a disciplined force, even in situations when they are provoked.


“We know you have become a well-trained, professional force that has grown in discipline. Now, we ask you to prove it to us. We expect you to show all Ugandans that you are disciplined and will not be provoked to use violence toward your fellow Ugandans, including journalists”

Respect citizens:

“We call on all security organs to treat Ugandans respectfully, regardless of their political affiliation. They are made in the image of God and do not deserve to be treated violently. One day you will stand before God and give an account of how you treated your fellow Ugandans. Do you
fear God? Please do your job as if you fear God” Kazimba added.

Use of Live bullets:

“You promised not to use live bullets, and we expect you to fulfill that promise. We also expect you to fulfill the spirit of that promise, which includes driving responsibly to avoid accidents which claim people’s lives at your hands. It also includes aiming teargas cannisters away from where they might injure people and not using pepper spray directly in people’s eyes” Kazimba said.

Enforcement of COVID-19 prevention directives:

“Fourth, As you enforce Covid SOPs at campaign events, we call on you to enforce them equally at events of all candidates, irrespective of their political party. There can be no perception of partiality or evidence of favouritism” He noted.


“Finally, we expect transparent accountability for those unprofessional members of the security forces who do not abide by our agreements of non-violence or who do not maintain the code of ethics you have been trained to uphold. Make sure they are arrested and charged with violating
the law” -said Dr Kazimba.

To Ugandans, Kazimba appealed to citizens not provoke security personnel or mock them.

“Do not provoke, mock or insult them especially in political events. I urge mutual respect between security personnel and Ugandan citizens.” he said.

He also urged citizens “to exercise their constitutional right and responsibility, study the candidates deeply and seriously, and avoid “selling their souls” for cheap promises from politicians.

“Covid-19 is real and the Church of Uganda has lost clergy to it. If we want to have ‘Life in its Fullness,’ as Jesus promised, I urge everyone to wear your masks properly whenever you are in public and to wash your hands with soap as often as possible.” Kazimba Mugalu said.

To candidates; “Please organize your final two weeks of campaigning in such a way that reduces crowds. Covid-19 is real. What good will it do you if you register the largest crowd, but your supporters are too sick from
Covid to vote? What good will it do you if you win the election but your supporters die from Covid? We appeal to all candidates to show us your leadership skills NOW and organize your final two weeks
of campaigns in a way that promotes “Life in its Fullness.” He concluded.



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