Turkish Airlines, Quality Chemicals support acid Victim

Acid victim Babirye ,Bradford and the Turkish Airlines country manager, Yildiz in the Speaker's Chambers; Parliament press photo

Turkish Airlines and Cipla Quality Chemicals Industries Ltd have in response to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s call, made a donation towards the treatment of Rebecca Babirye, who was burnt with acid by her ex-lover in June 2019.

During a meeting with Kadaga on Wednesday, 02 December 2020, the Chief Executive Officer for Cipla Quality Chemicals, Nevin Bradford said that the company is committed to cover the cost of treatment in Turkey which according to Babirye, is US$25,000.

“We as Cipla are happy to contribute to the cost of treatment for this poor lady; we have confidence that the treatment will be successful in Turkey. We trust that she will come back much improved,” said Bradford.

The Managing Director of Turkish Airlines in Uganda, Burak Yildiz said that they have provided three return tickets for Babirye and her two care givers to travel to Turkey.

Kadaga said she was happy that Babirye will now access treatment that will see her return to Uganda able to seek justice. She also revealed that the offender has not been reprimanded.

“Babirye is appealing for justice because the person who injured her was in custody for weeks, released and is now threatening her,” said Kadaga.

A resident of Kamuli district, Babirye’s face and arms were severely burnt. In her own words, she was grateful for the donation and hoped that her one remaining eye could be cured. She revealed the unbearable pain she is going through and pleaded that justice be served for her ex-lover.

“I have lost one eye and the one remaining pains me a lot. It even causes me headache and I feel fire in the breast. I beg for justice; my offender was arrested for just weeks and released; he is now threatening me not to go back to court,” said Babirye.

Uganda’s Ambassador to Turkey, Stephen Mubiru assured Babirye of the quality of health services in Turkey and called on Ugandans to consider seeking specialized health services in Turkey.

“I have all the confidence in the quality of the hospitals in Turkey. They have very good health services for very complicated cases and less costly,” Mubiru said.



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