Candidates in 2,400 Examination Centers likely to miss Exams -UNEB

A big number of students are likely to miss exams slated for next year; File

About 2,400 Examination Centers have not yet registered candidates for the forthcoming national examinations and likely to miss out on next year’s exams, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) stated on Friday.

With a few days left to the deadline set for close of registration, a big number of learners at both primary, secondary and higher levels have not registered yet. The highest number of unregistered candidates is at Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) Level with 1,396 out of 13,966 centers across the country yet to register.

According to a statement released by the national examinations body on Friday, out of 3,640 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) centers, 546 are yet to register their candidates while 497 out of 2,164 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) level are yet to submit candidates’ names for registration.

According to UNEB, a total of 2,440 examination centers could miss out on examinations next year.

UNEB urged all remaining examination centers that have not submitted registration data of candidates to do so by November 30th, 2020 which is the set deadline.

The UNEB Executive Secretary, Dan Odongo, urged all centers who that have not sent in the required candidate data to do so because late registration will not be allowed.

This means that schools which are yet to register candidates for the forthcoming UNEB examinations have until Monday to send in the details of their candidates.

“After Monday we shall not be allowing any more details. There will be no late registration this time round,” Odongo reaffirmed. He said If the affected centers do not submit the relevant data, they will not conduct exams slated for next year.

Normally, schools are given the leeway of late registration to send in details of their learners at a fee of shillings 100,000. However this time round, this option will not be available given the late timelines the body is dealing with.

Odongo also advised schools that have already submitted their candidate data to make sure that all the details match.

“It is important to critically examine and look out for errors in names of candidates. Check the spellings, order of names and photos of candidates to ensure that they are not mismatched, Gender, Date of Birth, funding code, Entry code as well as the candidates institutional choices” said Odongo.

Last year, the examination body gave schools and parents over a month to cross check the details of candidates to make sure that no mistakes were done. However with a few months left to the start of exams, this too will not take place. According to the plans by UNEB candidates are expected to sit for examinations in March, 2021.



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