A peep into Musevenomics: a book Museveni launched at Independence

President Museveni signing the dummy at the launch of Musevenomics on Friday; Courtesy Photo

A book, Musevenomics, was launched during the 58 independence anniversary celebrations held at State House Entebbe on Friday.

According to a citation presented at the launch by the Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Gen. Salim Saleh, Musevenomics was compiled by OWC in respect to the social economic ideas Museveni has pre-pounded over time and intended to espouse his contributions to Ugandans and humanity in totality.

The book, he said, is about Museveni’s central interventions to transform peasant communities through Agro-industrialization and Agro-business by transforming the agricultural sector from the colonial 3Ts (Tea, Tobbacco and Tourism) and 3Cs (Copper, Coffee, and Cotton).

Gen. Charles Angina who made a citation on behalf of Gen. Salim Saleh said that the citation is in recognition of the “successful wars” Museveni has fought to liberate political vulnerable Ugandans from the pangs of oppression and underdevelopment.

Gen. Angina said Musevenomics brings to the fold three central arguments Museveni has consistently advanced in defense of the social economic transformation of Uganda’s economy premised on transforming the vulnerable and disadvantaged farmers who make up the majority of the population.

He also said the book justifies the real economy against the vulnerable economy as emphasized by Museveni in defending the resilience of Uganda’s economy during COVID-19 pandemic.

“It emphasizes the need for value-addition to what peasants produce through life skilling in what is described as the Labour Theory of Value and the need for Industrialization and local content philosophy” Gen. Angina said.

“Using the original NRM 10-point programme, the book brings to fold the application of patriotism and Pan-Africanism as strategic building blocks of expanding the Ugandan market which have become a crucial factor of production.” he added.

Launching the book, Museveni said that whereas he has not read the book, what matters is the content not it’s title.

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