UNBS dispels claim of ‘Halal Pork Sausages’ on the market

UNBS dispels claims of pork sausages market Halal on market; Courtesy Photo

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has disputed presence of pork sausages with a fabricated standard mark on the market.

This follows posts making rounds on social media alleging that pork sausages labelled with ‘Halal’ were on display at Capital Shoppers supermarket, something that stirred outrage especially in the Muslim community.

A one Kassim Kayira went on to claim that he was dragging the supermarket to court for labeling pork sausages Halal.

In a communication made on Thursday, UNBS Public Relations Officer, Sylvia Kirabo, said that inspections done by the UNBS surveillance team at the said location, the pork sausages found did not have any Halal mark as claimed.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) however called upon all local manufacturers to comply with the labeling standards and desist from deceptive labeling of their products.

Kirabo reiterated the call to manufacturers to have the labelling of all products under mandatory standards complying with the labelling standard and to be certified and issued with the UNBS Distinctive Mark before
they are put on the market.

“Key among the labeling requirements for pre-packaged foods is to have the name of the food declared on the label, the list of ingredients, the net contents and drained weights, the name and physical address of the manufacturer, packer, distributor, importer, exporter or vendor of the food, country of origin, Lot identification, Date marking ( production and expiry date), Storage instructions, instructions for use, Quantitative labeling of ingredients; all in the English language and/or any other official language used in the importing East African Partner state, as stated in the standard” She said.



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