Policeman pictured being carried like a sack risks dismissal from the force

A Police officer being carried through floods by a yet-to-be identified young man in Kampala City on Friday; Photocredit Bamulanzeki Nicholas

The police officer who was captured on camera being assisted by a civilian to cross raging floods in Kampala City after Friday afternoon downpour, risks losing his rank or dismissal from the police force.

A yet-to-be identified police officer (in uniform) was pictured being carried on shoulders like a sack of potatoes by a civilian on Friday following heavy rains that caused massive floods along Clock Tower Police Station and making the road impassable.

The photograph has since went viral and evoked public criticism over the image of the police force with a section of the public questioning the morality and mandate of police in calamitous situations as such.

Others including the Chief Commissar Uganda Police Force AIGP Asan Kasingye (through his private social media platform) described the scene as “saddening” and disgraceful for a police officer in uniform to be carried on people’s back as a bale of second-hand clothes.

The Deputy PRO Kampala Metropolitan Police, Luke Owoyesigire confirmed that the officers conduct tantamount to “scandalous behavior” which is an offense punishable by law.

According to Section 14(1) of the Police Act, a police officer who behaves in a scandalous manner unbecoming of a police officer commits an offense.
(2) says; a police officer who behaves in a cruel, disgraceful, indecent….is liable on conviction to reduction in rank or dismissal.

Luke Owoyesigire however noted that the Uganda Police Force has not taken interest in the matter, nor has it identified the identities of the police officer.

Former FDC President and strong government critic, Dr Kiiza Besigye, said it is his picture of the week having depicted “a reversal in roles” in Uganda where uniformed servants have turned into a LOAD of Masters “heavily weighing down their malnourished servants/citizens.

It has since been established that the police officer parted with 5,000 to procure services of the young man in order to get to the other side without wetting his pants and boots.

The picture has already received several approvals for pic of the year award.

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  1. Sometimes I feel that we become too judgmental on some small issues. Someone should find out why that officer did that. Besides, many people are into a habit of wearing clothes that look similar to ones of security agencies, first establish if this person was not of the same type. Instead of crucifying that officer, we should think of better strategies of building a better water transmission and channelling network of all the major cities in the county. The other bigger picture in this is to thoroughly examine the people who are recruited into the forces. Are they the right candidates or sons and daughters of big people who are already used to good life?

  2. Honestly am taking another direction.
    The police officer has done no crime, leave alone all the. grammar from the police spokesman (Luke owesige).
    Let’s us hold stakeholders incharge of road , transport and drainage Accountable. They are the right full respondents to this question.
    I for sure offer justice to police officer simple because I was him I would have not walk pass a river on the road because it not part of his duty.
    I request police bosses to start walking in the raininy day but it will be unfair to condemn a commorade when for u re being driven in well condition car.


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