Tumukunde asks Court to order CID Boss Grace Akullo appear for cross-examination

Gen Tumukunde asks court to order CID Director appear for crossexamination; File Photo

The High court will tomorrow 11th rule on whether CID Director Grace Akullo should appear for cross examination on the affidavit she swore in defense of the case where Presidential aspirant Rtd Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde seeks court redress on the threats from the State to arrest him.

Tumukunde’s Lawyers led by Anthony Wameli today informed Kampala High court Judge Musa Ssekaana that they need Akullo to explain the circumstances under which she swore this evidence, why she is being represented by the AG yet she was sued in her personal capacity.

The lawyers also want Akullo to throw more light on her allegation that Tumukunde is out there to disrupt elections.

However Attorney General’s representatives led by George Kallemera asked court to dismiss Tumukunde’s application because they do not see any special reason why Akullo should appear.

Last month Tumukunde ran to court seeking for a permanent injunction restraining the state and Grace Akullo from summoning him at CID and threatening to arrest him.

Tumukunde also wants court to order the Attorney General and Grace Akullo pay him 70 million shillings as damages for his violated rights and high-handedness the state exhibited.

He further seeks a declaration that the arrest threats issued to him by the state through summons signed by the CID boss Grace Akullo are a violation of his fundamental rights to association, expression and freedom from discrimination.

Tumukunde argues that unless court intervenes and stops this imminent threat by the state to arrest him, his on-going country wide consultations to secure 3/4 of signatures from at least 100 Districts of Uganda in order to stand for presidency will be interfered with .

Grace Akullo summoned Tumukunde to appear at CID Hqs in Kibuli on the 18th/August 2020 over several meetings Tumukunde had allegedly held with Army veterans on issues relating to politics.



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