Ofwono Opondo’s home attacked by unknown assailants

Director Media Centre Ofwono Opondo; File Photo

Yet-to-be known assailants armed with machetes have attacked the home of Ofwono Opondo, the government spokesperson and director of Uganda Media Center.

According to distress messages he posted on his twitter account, Ofwono Opondo said attackers entered his house in Nasuuti in Mukono District and forced their way into bedrooms sending his family into one of the rooms.

“Attackers said to be many in number, have entered my house and into the bedrooms. My family under danger” Opondo tweeted about an hour ago.

“Assailants said to be many and with machetes in my bedroom and compound. Police is outside have not yet entered” he said in another distress tweet to police and the army.

“For now l have lost contact with members of my family reported to be under attack by unknown people” he later tweeted.

The motive of the attack is yet to be known but it is clear that Ofwono was not at home at the time of the attack.

“Police has now gained entry into the house, found most things in the bedrooms turned upside down. The assessments reportedly forced my wife and three daughters into another room. They haven’t yet been found them. Possibly hiding.” he said.

Police territorial team from Mukono responded to the call and said the family of Opondo is safe and secure.

Police however promised to provide more updates later.



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