78 year Old man accuses Senior Police Officers at CPS for conniving to grab his land

Alozio Kimpi accuses senior police officers for conniving to grab his land; Sabasabaupdates Photo

Alozio Kimpi, a resident of Gomba District is accusing senior Police Officers in the Land Protection office at Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala for conniving to block release of his land title with an intention to grab his land.

The ancestral land measuring 909 acres is a private Mailo on block 60 plot 120 Kyegulusa Estate in Gomba District. Alozio Kimpi is the administrator of the estate, the powers he assumed about three years ago following the death of his father Petero Macha.

Kimpi (78) accuses the commandant of Land Protection at CPS Aidah Namatovu and the Community Liaison Officer for Kampala Metropolitan, ASP David Mwebaze for holding onto the land title for no legitimate reason. The land title is at CPS where it has been held for 2 years following a disagreement over the family and surveyors who assisted in production of the title.

The family claims they have since agreed with surveyors to have the title released but whenever they ask for it, Namatovu, keeps “tossing” them yet there is pressure to have land distributed to beneficiaries (family members).

Kimpi says Namatovu’s response has always been that the case file was sanctioned to Kibuli CID Headquarters and the matter is no longer within her jurisdiction yet family members allege that CID gave them clearance to go on and open boundaries of the land. Even when family members visited her office on Friday, the same response was given. Namatovu also declined to speak to the press over the matter.

The family suspects that ASP David Mwebaze who happens to own leasehold on land next to the family estate in Gomba has influenced the process to release the title since he has interest in their land. The family further alleges that Mwebaze went on to illegally construct a house on the land in question.

Deputy police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigire said he could not comment about the matter and referred us to the CID spokesperson, Charles Atwine.

Charles Atwine said he is not aware of the alleged land title but he could not dispute their claim either. He said until the family provides a reference note for the case file, he cannot trace their complaint to ascertain the truth of the matter.

When this website contacted Mwebaze, he disputed the claims saying he has no interest in the title and it is the office of the commandant land protection at CPS that can provide an answer why the title has not been released. He also said that the house he has in Gomba is on his ancestral land and promised to avail documents to prove ownership of the land.

Atwine said the family should file a formal complaint with the office of the Director CID Grace Akullo to be forwarded to the Commandant Land Unit, for further management of the case. He said if it necessitates summoning all parties in the matter for a meeting, it will be done to ensure that the matter is concluded.

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